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Brand Guide Examples

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Marketing Is Not a Bad Word

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Last Minute Christmas Preparation

First Presbyterian Church Douglasville is a Juicys Winner - Denominational Change

Memorial Presbyterian Church is a Juicys Winner - Magazine

Gashland Evangelical Presbyterian Church is a Juicys Winner - Missions Display

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Beyond The Call to Action

Starting in Church Communications

4 Ways to Eliminate Culture Killers

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Easter and Church Websites

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Creating a Meaningful Survey

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Church Communications in 2014

Consistency in 11 Years of Communication

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Measuring Return on Objectives

The Grove is a Juicys Winner

Bethel CRC is a Juicys Winner

OneLife Church is a Juicys Winner

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The Church at Severn Run is a Juicys Winner

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Free Fonts and How to Use (Not Abuse) Them

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The Power of Language

The Juicys 2013

Vision, Mission and Organizational Goals

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Copying and the Creative Challenge

Mistakes Happen In Social Media

Comic Sans, Papyrus and 4 Font Lessons

5 Social Media Improvements You Can Make Today

Church Websites: Catering to Visitors

Foundations for Measuring Success

Service Transitions

Communications Isn’t Just For Big Churches

Personal Preferences

Responsive Website Design

Avoiding Experiments at Christmas

Good Websites Remove Barriers

Broadmoor Baptist is The Juicys Communications Church of the Year (Larger)

Westbury UMC is The Juicys Communications Church of the Year (Smaller)

Willowdale CRC is The Juicys Communications Church of the Year (Smaller) Runner Up

Long Hollow is The Juicys Communications Church of the Year (Larger) Runner Up

Consistency in Program Logos

Choosing A Facebook Cover Photo

Five New Facebook Tools For Admins

3 Quick Social Media Tips

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Stealing Logos

A Good Name

Pinterest for Churches (Part 2: Strategy)

Pinterest for Churches (Part 1: The Basics)

A Modern Christmas Pageant

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Google+ for Churches

Church Set Designs Can Send the Wrong Message

Know Video Basics First

Putting Personal Preferences Aside

Life Baptist Church is The Juicys Communications Church of the Year (Smaller)

Level Ground is The Juicys Communications Church of the Year (Smaller) Runner Up

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ChangePoint is The Juicys Communications Church of the Year (Larger)

Church Graphic Design

Logo Change Has to Happen All at Once

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Website Welcome Videos

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Over-Promising and Under-Delivering

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Guidelines for Song Lyric Slides

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Odd Pairings

God Was Rejecting My Worship (Part 2)

God Was Rejecting My Worship (Part 1)

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The World’s Best Chips and Salsa

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