Podcast: Partnering With Your Community

Easter is a huge opportunity for potential growth in the local church. Often, we turn to creating our own events to help spur larger attendance numbers leading up to the holiday. But what if we thought differently? In today’s episode we’re talking with Kevin Douglas. At Hope Covenant Church in New York, Kevin says they decided to take a different route—instead of doing their own thing, they partnered with outside organizations to create a truly community-wide event.

Episode Highlights:

  • How God is using a church in the middle of an island in New York City to make a gospel impact (3:43)
  • How Hope celebrates Easter each year (4:15)
  • A non-religious Easter egg hunt becomes a church-led community-wide event (4:59)
  • Setting realistic goals for transitioning people from an event to the church (5:59)
  • Listener Question: How do we create, and communicate, a strategy to help the staff understand when and how things are being communicated? (10:50)

Other Resources & Sources Mentioned in This Episode: