Podcast: Knowing Who You Are

So many churches want to wow their first-time guests by going above and beyond what a normal Sunday service would look like. Stepping up your game can be a good thing. But it’s also important to know who you are as a church. When you learn who you are, and who you’re reaching, you can be more authentic as you prepare your Easter services.

Episode Highlights:

  • How a small, rural church focuses on their community outreach for Easter. (02:21)
  • Battling “upping the game” with remaining who you are as a church. (03:52)
  • What does it mean to “stay in your lane” as a church? (05:55)
  • Listener Question: “How can we convince our aging congregation to accept more modern branding and building updates?” (10:10)

Other Resources & Sources Mentioned in This Episode: